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Our employees are passionate about giving back – and their desire to do so continues to grow! In 2023, they powered positive change in the communities sky bet app loginwhere we live and work by maximizing their contributions through our employee programs.

sky bet app login Employees are given 8 hours per year to volunteer during working hours – in 2023, over 1,000 PVT hours were used!

Empower Hours: When employees and their families volunteer in their communities, they can apply for single or multiple grants of up to $1,000  to direct to nonprofit or charitable community service organizations of their choice. In 2023, $156,500 in grants were sent to organizations across North America!

Generosity: In 2023, we enhanced our employee giving program to match 100% of employee donations to charitable organizations in North America. In 2023, employees donated over $329,000 that was matched in full for a total of $658,000 to community organizations – a 62% increase from 2022!

Growing our community network

Our employees are looking for more ways to give their time to the causes they care about. If your organization has a volunteer opportunity in one of our operating communities, submit the details below and we’ll share them with our team!