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Our work to Power Change by Changing PowerTM is propelled by our highly skilled, innovative, and engaged team. Ensuring our people are comfortable and confident in bringing their authentic selves to work is critical to our success as we pursue a clean energy future.

We are committed to providing an employee experience where everyone is seen, heard, valued, and respected, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is the norm, and everyone is treated equitably. Our focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) supports our ability to successfully deliver on our strategy.

Our backgrounds, cultures and identities all contribute to how we show up to work each day. To better understand and advance diversity across the organization, employees have the option to self-identify on criteria, including ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability, providing us with deeper knowledge about our workforce, allowing sky bet football bettingus to tailor our programs and initiatives to suit their needs, and to set specific goals to further our EDI strategy. This supports our prioritization of our diverse workforce’s evolving cultural, physical, and psychological safety needs. Empowered people power change.

Celebrating and honouring our shared histories

We’re proud to celebrate and highlight days of significance throughout the year, including this June, when we honour Pride, National Indigenous History Month, National Indigenous Peoples Day, and Juneteenth by sharing educational resources and encouraging discussions across our company. Representation is foundational to inclusion, and we’re honoured to commemorate the contributions, histories, and notable days that hold special meaning to our people.

Powering EDI in our Communities

Our commitment to EDI in energy doesn’t stop with our employees – we’re committed to investing in and expanding equity and opportunity for all in our communities. This sky bet football bettingincludes supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives, equitable opportunities across race and gender, and community diversity and cultural celebrations.

On our journey of reconciliation, we’re working to include Indigenous worldviews in how we’re creating reliable, clean energy solutions. We recognize the need for greater Indigenous expertise, guidance, and talent in our industry. We’re honoured to work with Indigenous communities in many of our operating communities to create opportunities for open, honest and transparent engagement with the goal of achieving long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

“We are proud of our efforts in EDI, which include reaching 50% gender diversity on our executive team. With regard to stakeholder engagement, we leverage multiple channels to engage with stakeholders, community members and Indigenous communities to listen to their priorities and interests and incorporate sky bettingtheir input into our projects and operations to be part of the community versus just in the community, earning a reputation of being a thoughtful, caring and long-term neighbour and operator.”

Sky Bet, President and CEO

Supporting Indigenous Youth with Bears’ Lair Entrepreneurship Camps

We are incredibly proud to partner with Bears’ Lair TV and support their efforts to feed the spirit of Indigenous business across Canada. We support their Youth Dream Camp program, which empowers Indigenous youth to explore entrepreneurship and creativity.

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Supporting Equity in STEM Education and Careers

We’re a member of Discovery Education’s STEM Careers Coalition, a first-of-its-kind national initiative. It provides content, including easy-to-use digital tools, to classrooms, students and partner schools to support students’ career preparedness.

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Empowering Women in Energy

We’re dedicated to continuing to make strides toward gender equality in our industry and make Capital sky bet app loginPower a desirable place for ambitious women to work. We’ve partnered with key players making advancements for women in the workplace, including the Rosie the Riveter Mentorship Program, Equal by 30, and 30 by 30.

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